Crazy Luxe..

I spotted this image during the week, and I just had to post..

It is an image by British photographer Tim Walker, b 1970. Entitled  ’Tom Guinness with Chandelier Chards’ it was taken in 2010.

It resonates with me for so many reasons, elegant, luxurious and de-constructed.

It’s so outrageous in a sense that such a beautiful chandelier would just be let  drop on the floor to smash, but I love it all the same. There is such a sense of luxury attached to that concept in its self really. The craziness is what I like, I guess..

I hope one day I can afford to have my chandeliers smash on the floor of my castle!!

I think there should always be a sense of the theatrical and crazy in interiors and life!



Proudly Peacock!

One of my favourite animals must be the peacock!

I love the colours, their elegance and all they represent..

I was reminded when chilling out with Pinterest the  other day..

Some time ago I purchased a print from one of my fave Etsy artists Christine Lindstrom. Her watercolours are divine, and I especially took a liking to the Peacock series.

He is just so lovely and hangs proudly in my study.





From here to Eternity….

I am so lucky to live where I live!  I often think this, and last night was another occasion.

Last night Tim and I ventured up to an art gallery in our street, the Damien Minton gallery.

It was the opening night of an exhibition in honor of the Sydney street artist Arthur Stace, whose chalkings on Sydney Footpaths have become an iconic part of the city’s fabric. A reformed alcoholic hailing from Sydney’s Balmain, Stace began spreading his version of Christianity on the footpaths of rough and tumble Sydney in the 30′s.


The world saw iconic ‘Eternity’ scrawled across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the year 2000 New Years Eve fireworks.

His elegant ‘Eternity’ has reonated with many, and I guess can have several differnet connotations depending on the person interpreting it. The elegant Italic is timeless.

The gallery was handing out thick stubs of white chalk to patrons, who have all left their mark along our street! How wonderful!

Thanks Great Buckingham St!





Amped + Saturated!!

The new KAS catalogue came across my desk today. Although I didn’t get blown away by the product in the catalogue, I absolutely loved the architectural photographs that peppered the pages of cushions and linen.

They must have shot the catalogue at an amazing property somewhere. I would love to know where! In fact I will make it my misson to find out tomorrow, stay tuned!

They were full page sized images of certain aspects of the building, focusing on it’s  neoclassical architectural details. There had been  some sort of filter applied to the images, similar to what you can do with Instagram, but more sophisticated and layered.

I loved the way the images are so current with the neon saturation of orange, blue, magenta, green and violet. I could imagine these as really large scale artwork in a really crisp modern interior.

Whoever was responsible needs to be congratulated! Let’s hope they can let the same ingenuity flow through to their cushion deigns.

photo 1 (1)

photo 4

photo 2

photo 1

Erikson Beamon


I have just come across this jewellery from design trio, Erikson Beamon from De -Troit!! They have dressed the likes of Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama.

I love the punky, unexpected combinations with layers of pearls, chains, crystals and mirrors and a dash of neon. Handcrafted and oh so beautiful, it’s just my kind of jewellery! With names like ‘I never promised you a rose garden’ their pieces defy traditional romantic jewellery tradition and seemly poke fun of all the white picket romantic notions that go with more traditional styles.

Donna Karan, Galliano, Givenchy, Ungaro and Anna Sui can’t be wrong!

These are some of my faves…



I never promised you a rose garden



I never promised you a rose garden earrings


Modern Moghul Swarvoksi earrings




Gaga in her custom Erikson Beamon Headpiece.

Antiques and Collectibles Auction, the perfect Activity for a rainy Sunday!

This is a guilty pleasure of mine, sitting here listening to the melodic voice of the auctioneer is almost soothing…

These are my picks from the sale room, wish me luck!

I couldn’t resist the black and white wine barrels! Our home is fast becoming a temple to monochrome! Oh well!





The world’s of fashion and interiors are always searching for the next BIG colour. It drives the season. Fashion usually paves the way, which is why I stood up and took notice of this little number from Chanel…

What a beauty! Doesn’t Kendall Jenner look stunning?

Now just wait! I bet we are going to see this everywhere in interiors soon!

I can’t wait x

Image via Lockerz


Sparkly, Shiny Things…

Did I mention I am obsessed with sequins at the moment?

I’ve always been a bit of a bower bird  but I can’t stay away form all things shiny at the moment in fashion, particularly sequins in that lovely rose gold/ bronze colour that is everywhere right now..

Embellish, I think is the term , is it not??

I have started to see ‘shiny’ become  more and more part of Interiors lately too. Just Look at these beauties below..

Bronze, Bronze!! It suddenly makes our good friend Chrome, look oh so cheap doesn’t it?

 Daniel Barbera Copper Table

The Habibi Table by Philipp Mainzer

Chairs by TJ Volonis

New Art for the Hallway..

So Tim and I visited New York a couple of years back and took this flukishly ( is that a word?) good photo whilst wandering around the West Village..

I love the blues, taupes and browns in the photo and the crisp white of the box on top of the building. The light was so great, creating those awesome shadows on the brick face..

An interesting and amazing holiday, we have always wanted to go back, so thought it a good idea to commission a piece of art to remind ourselves of the place and the times.. I have established a connection with an artist on Etsy (don’t you just love that place??) to create something for us.. He is in the process of doing a small study at the moment, and I am eagerly awaiting the results! I will keep you all updated when I receive his progress works..

I can’t wait to see our painting evolve..

The west village had sort of a grungy vibe to it, not dissimilar to parts of Sydney near where we live. I guess that’s why we liked it so much.